DeSui Coin Flip
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is DeSui Coin Flip?
DeSuiFlip is a smart contract game built on the SUI network where players can double their $SUI tokens by correctly guessing heads or tails in a coin flip.
How do I participate in Coin Flip?
To participate, you need to hold $SUI tokens. Simply choose heads or tails, select your bet amount, and initiate the coin flip transaction through the DeSuiFlip platform.
What fees are associated with playing Coin Flip?
DeSuiFlip takes a 1% fee of the original bet if a user wins. This fee is discounted for DeSuiLabs and SUIFrens NFT holders: holders only pay 0.5%.
What are the benefits of holding DeSui NFTs?
DeSui NFT holders receive gamified rewards and only pay 0.5% fees collected on winning bets. As more games are developed the holders will receive game-specific privileges!
How sustainable is the DeSuiFlip smart contract?
The chance of the smart contract treasury being depleted is extremely low, at 0.0000029802322%. To exhaust the funds, the smart contract would have to lose 25 times in a row. The smart contract is designed to balance sustainability and growth.
Are the odds fair in DeSuiFlip?
Yes, all DeSuiFlip transactions occur on-chain, ensuring provable fairness. The odds of winning or losing in each coin flip are always 50/50.
Will there be a transparent dashboard to track game data?
Yes, a transparent dashboard displaying all site data will be implemented soon. This dashboard will provide visibility into various statistics and metrics related to DeSuiFlip gameplay.
What are the future plans for DeSuiFlip?
As DeSuiFlip grows, the team plans to introduce new products and features. The next goal is to launch Sui's first NFT raffles and expand into similar Lotto games. All future DeSui products will be decided through DAO voting, ensuring community participation and decentralized decision-making.
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